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About Us

Hi! It’s Tyler and Jess,


We are on a mission to retire after 10 years in the professional grind of corporate America and extract every ounce of joy along the way. We’ll share our updates, challenges, tidbits that we found interesting or counterintuitive, and information/advice that we hope will help you. 


We’ve spent the last nine months planning an exit from the excessive 3,000 square foot home in Denver that we shared with three roommates. In April 2022, we will embark to live in a campervan named Peri for one year.


We’re excited to share this next chapter with you, as well as some ideas and strategies that have worked for us in the past. Not to spoil the fun, but some of the common themes that we will attend regularly are


Digital Nomadism, vanlife, minimalism

FIRE - “Financial independence, retire early”

Real estate investing, house hacking, running a hospitality business 


If you're interested in a pursuit of less, reaching financial independence at an accelerated rate, and a fuller, more purposeful life - you’ve come to the right place. While this blog represents a part of our journey, we also hope you find it as a place to ask questions, share your own insights, and connect.


This is our quest. Join us!

Start here if you're looking for somewhere to begin.

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